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| Friday, December 17, 2004

In addition to acting, Andy Lau is a multi-platinum singer/songwriter who has sold over 35 million records and performs to over 100 packed arenas throughout Asia and North America. Since his debut album in 1985, he has recorded and released more than 50 solo albums in Hongkong and Taiwan, and a host of other countries in Asia. In recognition of his singing accomplishments, Andy has garnered numerous music awards which includes honors from MTV and Billboard.

:: how he started ::

In 1985, Andy wants to stretch himself professionally and is determined to strike out as a singer as well. So he begins his singing career with Capital Records. However, public acceptance is slow in coming. Response to his debut Cantonese album, I Only Know I Love You is lukewarm. Therefore resulting him failing to win any Best Newcomer in music awards ceremonies.

In 1987, his song Forbidden Area Of Love became pretty popular and won one platinum. Belatedly, his music starts to make an impact in 1990 with his fifth Cantonese album, Would It Be Possible being the first to be honoured in Hongkong's TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards. With popular tracks like Would It Be Possible and Affinity Ends , this album sold two platinums. His next album, "Goodbye Now " sold over three platinums.Then, his songs became very popular in Hongkong. With his increase in popularity, Andy won the "Most Popular Male Singer" Award in TVB's Jade Solid Gold Awards in 1990. The Mandarin version of Affinity Ends -- If You Are My Legend was very popular in Taiwan. The album sold over four platinums and therefore launched his singing career in Taiwan.

In 1991, HongKong media crown him Heavenly King, together with Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai. Andy is at long last recognised as a singer in his own right. Many of his ballads have become karaoke favourites, assuring him of eternal popularity.

Andy's singing career takes off as fans in Hongkong, Taiwan and South-east Asia snap up his albums. His Mandarin albums are selling very well in Taiwan and Asia. For the past years, his Mandarin albums were always make into the "Taiwan's Top 10 Albums". His Mandarin album in 1995, Truely Forever has sold over 800,000 copies in Taiwan. In November 1999, Andy stopped by the BMG Entertainment International headquarters in New York after performing to a sold out audience in Atlantic City, New Jersey and he was presented an award for being BMG's Best Selling Artist in Pan-China for three years (with total sales of more than six million albums from 1996-1999).

:: his music awards ::

In recognition of his singing accomplishments, Andy has garnered numerous music awards which includes honors from MTV and Billboard. Since his first Most Popular Male Singer award in Hongkong TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards in 1990, Andy had win it for three consecutive years, Taiwan's Top Ten Idols- ranked #1 for six consecutive years (1992-1997), 1995-1996 Channel V U.S. Billboard Awards - Asia's Most Popular Singer . In 1999, Andy win the Most Popular Male Singer in TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards yet again, beating upcoming newcomer, Nicholas Tse to retain Media Award (1999-2000) for the second consecutive year with a total of 15 awards, thus becoming the biggest winner in 1999's Hongkong music industry. Andy won again and share the Media Award with Eason Chan in 2002.

Other than these awards, Andy had also won countless awards in Asia that got him listed in the Guinness World Record Book 2001. Listed in the book's World Music column for Most Canto-pop Awards: As of April 2000, Hongkong crooner Andy Lau had won an unprecedented 292 awards for a singing career that began in 1988. He has sold 20 million albums, 4.4 million in 1999 alone, and has cemented his popularity in the world's Mandarin-speaking areas with recordings in Putonghua or standard Chinese. Between 1981 and 1999 he featured in 101 movies. With regards to being listed in Guinness World Records, Andy exclaimed "I'm very surprised!" he exclaimed, "I asked my assistant to grab a copy once I heard about it."

:: his concerts ::

In 1993, Andy stages his first concert - a series of 20 shows - at the Hongkong Coliseum. Now a seasoned stage performer, Andy holds another 20 sell-out concerts at the Hongkong Coliseum in 1994, 1996 and 1999(15), 2001 (15). Other than Hongkong, Andy also holds sell-out concerts in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, China, Macau, USA, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Seoul.

Andy's next pet project is a musical with cross-national collaborations of a stature that will rival Cats and Phantom Of The Opera. Andy had asked Phantom Of The Opera creator Andrew Lloyd Webber to write the music for his musical, which will be an adaptation of the famous ancient Chinese romantic tragedy, Liang Zhu (The Butterfly Lovers). If all goes well, fans can expect to catch his HK$30 million creation in 2002.

In 2004, Andy was in the Hongkong Coliseum for his fifth solo concerts for 15 shows, the 10th show will be his 100th concert at the Hongkong Coliseum.

:: his music talent and hardworks ::

Andy always bring surprises to fans in his singing career. Against all odds, Andy tries to sing in different language to open his market in Asia. He sang in Japanese -- Embrace Once Again , Hokkien -- World's First Class and even Malay -- Adakalanya Menghiris. Due to the changes in the trend of the music industry, Andy also tries rap for the first time in Bat Air Force.

Andy also continually broadened his musical range by attempting to sing different types of songs and music by collaborating with different singers, song-writers and composers from various countries. In 1998, Andy collaborate with saxophonist, Kenny G for the song If You're My Woman which Andy wrote the lyrics for the Cantonese version, to make his music more international. In 1999, Andy had more collaborations with international musicians in Giorgio Moroder - Love You 10,000 Years and Koji Tamaki - Pain.

In addition, Andy also a gifted lyricist ,his first lyrics being If You Are My Legend. Andy also tries to compose-music, Thinking Of you Everyday being his maiden work. With his determination, Andy compose up to 60 songs. His efforts are shown in recent years with more of his self-composed songs included in his own album ie. in the album - If You're My Woman which contains eight of his composition. Morever, Andy also compose songs for other singers, example are Leo Ku's Kiss Me? and Eric Moo's Sad Love Song.

Since 1992, Andy's albums are produced by his own production house - New Melody Production (renamed NMG in 2000), which gives him a new channel to experiment with different styles and approaches, bringing the new music elements to the local scene. Whereas the distribution is handled by the record companies. Due to the lawsuit with CCT Telecoms in 2002, Andy switch to Catchy Entertainment to produce his albums.

On 6 Dec 2002, he held a concert - Andy Lau, You're My Pride Concert to mark his 20-years anniversary in showbiz and thanks the many years support of his fans. However things turns sour with Catchy Entertainment due to some financial dispute resulting the release his due-to-release album - Adult Love Songs being shelved and once again got into lawsuits with his collaboration partners.

In addition, Andy also set up his own recording studio - Q-Sound Studio.