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| Friday, December 17, 2004

Dear all,

Welcome to AndyLauSounds - home of andy lau's fans in Blog.

AndyLauSounds (ALS) started off as the World of Andy Lau in 1998 as a fansite based in Geocities and moved to Xoom.com a few months later and grew in visitors. However due to some technical issues, Xoom.com closed my site and with an approach of collaboration, I manage to get my own domain name and rename my fansite to AndyLauSounds in 2002. The site grew so is the content of the site thus massive grew in visitors.

ALS begins to gain some reputation in the Andy's fansite and English-speaking fans' community, thus was even tagged as "the most Comprehensive fan site for Andy Lau" or some claim the "best fan site for Andy Lau". However, good things don't last as the site went down in July 2003, the site never got revived even the domain name was stolen and now occupied by ads hoping someone will buy back with a high price. ALS remain "dead" till now, furthermore the initial successful collaboration never work out anymore.

After months of consideration, I finally decided that I would like to give the site another shot and register an account in blog. Although it will lose its domain name and many of its contents, I do hope that I've made a right choice to "revive" ALS and it'll be successful.

Do help to spread the news around that ALS is back........thanks for all the support!