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| Friday, December 17, 2004

In the past five years, Andy Lau have been the biggest winner in Metro Music Awards Ceremony, winning a total of 22 awards, being the Best Male Singer for 5 consecutive years, his results has been outstanding. When he was interviewed in Metro Radio 2 days ago, it was revealed by the station's chief that by looking at the on-going voting for the Best Actor, it's already exceeded 30,000 votes, solely from Mainlander, currently Andy is leading the pack, second is Leo Ku, followed by Hacken, Aaron Kwok, Andy Hui and Nicholas Tse.

When asked if he'll sweep all the awards, Andy quipped: "Don't say clean sweep, awards are deserved by everyone, I just accept it." Andy is very satisfied with his result in singing this year and is confident of himself but if he were to vote, he'll be casting a vote for Hacken Lee as he's his old friend, he quipped: "I'm not afraid of the danger pose by Hacken, it's better to have more threats, it proves that the music industry is competitive, it's a good sign for all singers."

With regards to magazine allegations that Miriam Yeung and Sheren Tang borrow luck to improve their career, Andy doesn't believe such allegations, he quipped: "Don't spread such allegations, is there such things as borrow luck? how to borrow? how to return after borrowing? If it's so simple, can I borrow to win the Best Composer award, I never win any composing award before."

On Christmas eve, Andy will be hold a street party at Tsimshatsui's Harbour City to celecbrate the festive holidays with the citizens, citizens need to purchase a teddy bear soft toy retailed at HK$80 and exchange for tickets on 19 Dec, he hope everyone will particpate actively in this charity activity, he says: "This year, I hope to be Santa Claus together with the fans, for the audience, hope they will donate the teddy bear soft toy, as the government organisation will donate them to those needy children to allow them to have a warmth Christmas." Andy activate his fans to collect teddy bear soft toys as presents for the children in order for them to have a happy Christmas.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, SingTao News, Ta Kung Po, MingPao