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| Sunday, January 25, 2009

Andrew Lau's Chinese New Year movie Look For A Star was shot throughout in Macau. Two nights ago the director leaded his cast of Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Denise Ho and Dominic Lam to MGM Grand Macau for the press conference before having the premiere at the Macau Tower.

Shu Qi dressed rather sexy for the event, she wore a Gucci V-neck cleavage showing dress, she also wore $7000,000 worth of Cartier sponsored jewellery which was rather eye catching. Andy whom had experiences with many beauties also exclaimed that he does not look nor get near to Shu Qi too much.

When asked if anyone wanted to gave her expensive jewellery as present, she immediately looked at Andy but instead Andy "reject" her and quipped: "Giving you $7000,000, you think I'm a fool! The ring I'm wearing now only worth $7,000, I can give this to you." When asked why the normally extravagant Andy rejected Shu Qi, he expressed that he's only extravagant in movies, if Shu Qi wanted by a director, he will support her.

During the location shooting in Macau, Andy whom is not a gambler as he will lose money whenever he goes to casino, thus he asked his boss Peter Lam to buy two bets for him, the boss return him a few ten thousands dollars.

During the Chinese New Year, Andy will meet up with his fan club members. He will also be buying some peach flower home for display, this will be his third year displaying peach flower at him, he also need to clean up his ancestors tablets.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sing Pao, Sing Tao, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News