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| Friday, December 17, 2004

Since being crowned Best Actor at the Golden Horse Films Awards on 4 Dec, the award had not left the side of Andy Lau as he bring it along to Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei during his tour. He bring along his award to Taiwan yesterday for a banquet with the fans and media to share his happiness, holding onto the close to 2kg award to take photographs with the 600 fans, Andy says: "Not tired, not tired! Because it's really hard to win this award!"

No other Best Actor will share his win with the media and fans, only Andy Lau.

Andy arrive at Taiwan around 11:00 AM to begin his 24-hours thank-you banquet trip, as it's difficult to win the Best Actor in the Golden Horse Films Award, he specially spend millions to treat his fans. Around 3:00PM, he had tea with the media at the hotel, holding onto the award, a delighted Andy said: "Rene Liu told me that after Sylvia Chang watched A World Without Thieves, she exclaimed it's my best movie, I think this is the only Andy Lau movie she had watched." Andy exclaimed that he hope to collaborate with Sylvia in a movie titled "20, 30,40" where he is the 40.

Since being crowned Best Actor, Andy had being on high mood as even share such a little praise from Sylvia with the media, he says that he found out that several Taiwanese comperes nominated many times for the Golden Bell Awards but still went home empty-handed, but he manage to win the Best Award after 3 nominations, he should count himself lucky.

Andy exclaimed that he had many fake Golden Horse and Hong Kong Films Awards at home, as when he went home empty handed, his fans will make one for him, even the Hong Kong media make a Hong Kong Film award for him, this shows the bond of Andy with the media.

When asked that the most difficult to win award - Golden Horse Best Actor is fulfilled, so when will he get married? Andy says that fans kept asking him to get married as they want to see his children but he's worried that his son will not be handsome and daughter not pretty, just like his younger brother whom look completely different from him as his hair is long and plump face and resemble Japanese cult leader Shoko Asahara, when he introduce : "This is my younger brother!" Everyone will exclaimed: "Can't be!" Thus he feel sorry for his younger brother and he fear the same for his children.

When Andy touches down in Taiwan, he walked past Nicholas Cage at the transit area in the airport, when told that Nicholas's wife is only 20-years-old, he exclaimed: "So envy!" However, he don't think he'll get a younger wife.

Andy talk about filming movies next year, there'll be a music movie for his new album, he also plans to release a single during the Chinese New Year, he's so delighted when talked about his work, but he keep a low tone when talked about his love life.

Andy's secret to be the dreamlover of all is that he doesn't belong to any woman therefore he can become the forever idol in everyone's heart.

Andy added that if he had nothing important on, he'll try to attend the Golden Globe award to have a feel of his movie - House of Flying Daggers being nominated for Best Foreign Movie, he could also seize the chance to communicate with Hollywood producers!

For this trip to Taiwan, he main motive is to have a 55 tables banquet with 600 Andy World Club members, being touted to treat his fans the best, Andy expressed that he always on good terms with his fans is the secret to not age in showbiz, as he can understand what youngster thinks when he contact with new members, meanwhile he also treat his fans as family members, they won't mind that he had aged as nobody will mind about their own father.

However Andy exclaimed that throughout the years of his AWC, he had lost some money as Taiwan is the only branch outside Hong Kong, he feel that after than Hong Kong, America, Japan, Korea and China should also have a fan club. When asked which country's fans are the most crazy, he quipped: "If you want them to like you, you'll be crazy."

Andy had packed dinner before attending the banquet last night as during the banquet, as throughout the night he had to hold the award to take photographs with each of the 600 fans thus he had no time to eat.

His gathering with fans are not open as he says that he will joke and talk rubbish with fans during gathering, when media attending the gathering in the past and report the conversations he had with fans, he feel that it's not right thus during his gathering, no cameras is allowed, only the crew members will be responsible for photo-taking, therefore AWC members basically had a chance to take photo with him, he manage to take photo with the Golden Horse Best Actor award in hand last night bares more significant.