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| Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recently, Andy Lau updated on his own blog exclaiming that he had already completed the shooting of Future Cops. With the temperature at minus 7-8 degrees, in order to keep warmth Andy and the crew members had to eat steamboat on their car. Other than work, they are played pool at the hotel that they are staying to release stress. With regards to the newspaper dailies publishing some ugly photos of him, Andy expressed that he can do nothing about it.

In the extreme cold Beijing temperature, Andy said that he had ways to keep himself warmth. "Ah Li whom do makeup for me know that one will feel warm when the stomach is full and it will also keep one looking good, as a good cook, she will prepare keep warm meals for us. During meal time, we will feast on the food in our resting vehicle. After a day of work, we will played pool at the basement of our hotel, we played pool to release stress. There are some experts in pool among the colleagues, after rounds of training, I've become an expert myself. My family members sent me soft toys for me to keep warm. In addition, there are also my beloved nuts which I love and hate, but I still ate them."

When talked about the newspaper publishing some ugly photos of him, Andy said: "Work does not make me tired, the temperature made me freezing cold, but the recent publishing of some poorly taken photographs, I can do nothing about it. Sigh! It make one angry of the current promotion tactics of movies."

news from: ent.163.com, ent.tom.com