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| Saturday, December 18, 2004

Andy Lau went to Taiwan 2 days ago to held a 55-tables banquet to celebrate his Golden Horse Film Award Best Actor win with 600 Taiwanese fans. The banquet cost him HK$250,000 and he express that he will increase his asking fees.

For the banquet, Andy spends money and efforts as he set up 55 tables in a local hotel, minus off the hotel's discount, Andy still need to top up close to HK$250,000. Andy, holding onto his award, take photographs with his fans for a total of 2 hours, Andy complain of his hand aching and ask his fan to hold the award for him in order to continue the photo-taking session.

The fans present includes a families of 3 generation as they bring along their babies and 80-years-old granny, Andy even carries the baby and kiss his face. However, Andy was just busy with photo-taking and didn't get to eat anything, he only manage to eat after taking photogaphs with all fans, Andy quipped that he is so thin because of the fans.

Although the Hong Kong movie industry is in a downturn, Andy claimed that he had not raise his asking fees for a long time, with teh Golden Horse win, he think it's time to ask for an increase. When asked if he consider getting married, he answers: "My parents didn't rush me into marriage, furthermore I'm worried that my children won't look good." For an example he quote his younger brother whom look like Shoko Asahara, thus he once apologise to his brother on a TV programme for withstanding the pressure of doesn't resemble his elder brother.

In addition, during the rehearsal of 2004 TVB8 Hits Awards, with regards to allegations that he contacted anorexia, he says: "Currently I've put on 7-9 pounds, before eating I weight 148 pounds, I slim down because of the earlier concerts."

news from: Apple Daily News, MingPao, Ta Kung Po