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| Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Andy Lau is full of enthusiasm to movies, with the movie industry in recent years kept shrinking, even Jackie Chan criticize that the people in movie industry is not together, whereas Tony Leung "pour cold water" by referring that it would be a myth if the people in movie industry is together. Andy exclaim that he is willing to risk his financial to invest in a new movie which will feature himself, Jackie, Tony and Stephen Chow in the cast of a "sure-win" movie to save the movie industry.

When interviewed on Commercial Radio, when asked about his new movie - Wait 'Til You're Older had collected HK$6.3 million after 4 days of screening, he hope that the movie will break the $10 million mark on Wednesday. With regards to Jackie and Tony claims that the people of the movie industry is not together, Jackie supporting to Eric Tsang's suggesting of gathering all Hong Kong artistes to save the market, Andy then suggest that he, Jackie, Tony and Stephen would be cast in a movie which has a blueprint of the drama serial - Never Say Die to save the market. Andy says: "I think it shouldn't be a problem if I distribute my asking fees to the other 3, I can do without fees, (so whom would invest?) I could be the boss, everyone thinks that I'm the most stupid boss, being an investor can not look at the movie with an angle of commerical and earning money, must allow Asians to see that Hong Kong artistes still can make it, to reach certain standard, which type of movies will lose out?"

Andy also express that he would give everything to the movie, he says: "I can use all my financial power for this movie, (so how many financial power you have?), how would I reveal my financial power? I don't have the money to hire them to work, still need to borrow money, I can ask my company's employees to borrow from them, I'm doing this for movie, the employee doing it for me." Andy then explains that he was just making up for this plan as he yet have any concrete plans.

In addition, with regards to his good friend Abba Chan Tat Che being investigated by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Andy is worried of him and took the initiative to contact him but his mobile phone is directed to his voice messages.

With regards to Andy's suggestion of gethering 4 Best Actors to save the movie industry, Andy's good friend, Chapman To show his support as he express: "Andy's enthusiasm for movies, giving out money and strengths, everyone should come together, throw away any other thoughts, it's not too late, it's like record companies crossover to release an album together, there are no different gangs in movies, producing more movie in hope of the market would be more active."

Jackie express that what Andy had suggested is a good thing, he would discuss with him when he return to Hong Kong.

news from: Orientail Daily News, Sun News