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| Saturday, October 01, 2005

On the first day of screening for Wait 'Til You're Older, the box office collection already exceeded HK$1 million which is a very good result. Andy Lau was told of the good news from the boss of the movie company - Peter Lam. Andy was delighted that the audience loved the movie.

Previous night, Andy was in Guizhou for his concert tour, this is the last stop of his Mainland China concert tour part 2, he specially invited his "father" Felix Wong to watch his performance. During the rehearsal in the afternoon, Andy bring "father" Felix to test the stage's ultimate elevator, when they're in mid-air, Andy climb up and down which gave Felix a scare and kept asking Andy not to move around.

When the elevator return to land, Felix quipped: "Gave me a scare, when he climb out, the elevator shaked, I was worried of his safety, this kid is so mischievious!" Andy then quipped: "In Wait 'Til You're Older, many people sing praise that the father did well, I hope you can work hard and work harder, able to catch up to the roller coaster! Our dreams must be higher than the skies! Haha! Thus I bring you up to the elevator!"

After the concert, Andy received a phone call from Peter Lam to congratulate him of the box office collection, it delights Andy and Felix was told by his 15-years-old daughter that she went to Mongkok to support him and the cinema was full house, this excites Felix as he quipped: "My daughter seldom praise me, she called and tell me that several of her classmate when to watch the movie and all of them cried, I tell my daughter, father had did well, brother Andy also did well, feel touched that everybody cried after watching the movie and all of them commented that the movie is very good." Meanwhile, Andy express that he kept receiving calls from his friends as Sandra Ng and Peter Chan all praise the movie and said that the ending is very touching. Johnnie To told him: "I love this movie." These comments delights Andy.

Andy claims Wait 'Til you're Older is top notch movie as all family members can watch the movie as seldom Hongkongers produce such family ties movies, it rare that it brought out a message, thus he hope the fans would like the movie. From screening till now, all the review was good which console him as his efforts to suffer in the makeup is not wasted.

In addition, a disabled female fan from Shengyang wrote a letter to Andy that she wished to meet Andy, finally Andy get to meet this fan at the backstage after the concert as the girl cried upon seeing Andy and tell Andy that initially she has given up hope on living but her love for Andy keep her living on, Andy kept console her and asked her to be brave, he also took a photograph with her for remembrance, which is unforgettable experience for the fan.

The response at the Guiyang concert is great as other than the 40,000 audience in the stadium, more than 20,000 also gathered outside the stadium for free listening of the songs. Andy had to leave the stadium in a police car, whereas Felix was trapped in the stadium for 1 hour before able to leave the stadium.

Andy watched the news about Jay Zhou being involved in brawl in Harbin on TV, as Andy return to the hotel and no sight of Felix, thus he started to get worried as he kept calling for enquiries on the situation and also asked his crew members to protect his "father".

news from: fm974.ent.tom.com