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| Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Earlier Andy Lau was interviewed by Metro Radio's Sandy Chan as he talked about his personal lifestyle and his new album. He revealed that he perspire when he sleep thus when he woke up he would find a "water-print" of himself.

Thus, Andy went to seek help from a Chinese physician and was told that his body is "weak" and was currently undergoing treatment for this problem and it's improving.

In addition, due to his inherited high cholesterol problem, other than avoiding eating organs, he had to cut down on his favorite chicken wings. He seize the chance to recommend to listeners a light breakfast recipe, that's using the wrap commonly used for wrapping Beijing duck, applied with seafood paste and sesame sauce, it would be light and able to fill stomach. He quipped that TVB once suggested to him to appear in "handsome kitchen" together with Eric Tsang and Daniel Wu, he joked that he rejected the offer as Eric would be appearing together with him.

When talked about his new album, he exclaimed that he does not know how to sing the song 'Duo Chuo Shan Gan', but in the end he decided to sing it as the view of a doctor.

With regards to the photographs that comes with the album, Andy expressed that each photograph has its own theme, like the "sardine photograph" was to bring out the pressure suffering by those living in the city. He was initially requested to bare his body for the photograph, but he quipped that it would looked like too similiar as a sardine thus dropped the idea.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Sun News, Apple Daily News