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| Monday, August 21, 2006

Currently, Andy Lau is in Chiangmai, Thailand location shooting for his movie The Protege, he was told of the news from his Hong Kong recording company that his new album Voice had been selling very well as there were additional orders from Mainland China and Taiwan, whereas it was sold out within 3 days in Singapore, this piece of news delights him. Thus, when the whole crew stopped work early 2 days ago, Andy treat them a grand seafood dinner to the 80 crew members from Thailand and Hong Kong to celebrate the occassion and it also happened to be Anita Yuen's last day of shooting in Thailand.

Andy exclaimed that he never expected the weather of Chiangmai to be cooler than Hong Kong, he also added that he see more paparazzis when compared to coconut trees and Thai babes. He says: "I could see many reporters when I reach Chiangmai, today I witness them moving into the same hotel as I was staying. Sigh! I initially thought that working here would not be tough as I could sun-tan and swim, because of their presence, I had to cancel my planning and I could only watch the tapes or DVDs in my hotel room after finished shooting."

In Protege, Andy's character is a drug lord as he brought police mole Daniel Wu to his drug factory in Thailand, thus the location shooting took place in the mountains.

Andy said: "Tomorrow, Anita and my "daughters" would be returning to Hong Kong, leaving me and Daniel to complete the shootings in the mountains, I was told that I'll be riding an elephant, there would be many mosquitoes at night, I asked the crew members to prepared insecticides to prevent being attacked by them. Actually the paparazzi can pack up and go home as really there are nothing for them to shoot, if they want to follow, they better be careful and bring along their own insecticides, if not they would be attacked by the mosquitoes at full force, haha!"

Meanwhile, director Derek Yee was recently interviewed by Mainland China's media as he talked about the actors that he had collaborated before, he referred Tony Leung Chiu Wai as an actor to be promoted which is different from Andy as his acting is like drinking red wine, must taste slowly, he feel that Tony's collaboration with Wong Kar Wai had reached the highest peak as they're too familiar with one another.

Derek whom had collaborated with Andy in Full Throttle and most recently The Protege, he feel that Andy had changed after this collaboration, his acting had matured and doesn't care too much of his image. With regards to Anthony Wong's saying that no matter how Andy changes, he's still Andy Lau, Derek feel that Anthony was saying the truth, Andy is not petty if it was another person, the person might not stomach this remark.

news from: Ta Kung Po, MingPao, Apple Daily News