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| Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In 2005, Andy Lau released All About Love album, radio drama, comic, novel and the movie was a success throughout Asia. For Andy, he had already combine the showbiz and creativity with culture, artistic, entertainment, multimedia and technology into one. Earlier, Andy invested in a small budget movie Crazy Stone which create a "stone craze" in Mainland China.

For his music, he had stress on the quality and depth, maintaining the speed of one album per year, it would gurantee the quality of each album. After waiting for one year, Andy finally released his brand new Cantonese album Voice which includes the only Mandarin track - 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' which recieved good response when being premiere earlier through mobile networks as it's the song with the highest download and dedications. Thus, he specially came to Asia Hotel for the new album Voice's press conference and 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' premiere success.

Andy had earlier made request to the organiser to allow his fans to attend the press conference thus some Andy World Club members were present at the press conference as they wore their uniform, carrying Andy's posters and banners to celebrate together with Andy.

In this latest album, Andy collaborate with Khalil Fong, Ivana Wong, Edward Chan and others with the album's idea coming from Andy and Lin Xi after numerous discussion. Both of them started their discussion, meeting, phone calls for 3 months in hope to express their different observations of the world, using them to become each and every touching and reflective songs. It includes many problems from friends, family, teacher and student, getting along with people, thus we can say that this album is produced seriously. The album wanted to express the different complaints in the modern society, talking behind people's back, pour the cold water and several other noisy sound, all these are affecting us. Whereas those beautiful, touching sounds are lessen and being neglected. Andy hope that this album could rekindle people's attention on the good sound.

Andy also like to nurture newcomers in the movie industry, in music he also like to collaborate with new talented musicians as he feel that they're talented, creative and they have new ways of reflecting current youngsters' attitude, this allows Andy to touch of rock, R&B, the first hit song - 'Lei Duo Lei' which is also the theme song for Crazy Stone. Andy explain the Cantonese lyric's meaning of the song, in the music video, he was initially the teacher before becoming a rock singer, it's similiar to the movie School of Rock.

In order to allow those that attended the press conference to feel the special charisma of the music, the organiser specially invited China's An-zhi orchestra to dress up as Qin dynasty soldiers using their different music instruments to perform a music piece which moved those present, while listening, everyone is reflecting that among these noisy and undesirable sound, this is what Andy's album wanted to express, hope everyone could create "beautiful sound" by themselves.

Under the invitation of the compere, Andy finally appeared with those "Qin dynasty soldiers" retreat as reporters quickly took a picture of this happening. As the title of the album being Voice, he was asked by the compere what is the most beautiful voice that he had heard, his answer won applause from those present. Andy told everyone that to promote the album, he would be setting off to Guangzhou on 1 September to have a meeting with fans. In order for more fans to get close to their idol, the organiser is searching a voice ambassador and imitatating conest on www.ppig.com.cn, those lucky winners can perform with Andy onstage.

Before the press conference, people on the streets were asked about Andy's singing and what sort of music they like, many replied that they feel that Andy's singing is not bad as most of them grew up with his singing. Andy also sing 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' while the fans wave the posters in their hands.

As 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' did very well when being premiere through the mobile network since July, thus the mobile network company present Andy a crystal with the writings 'Listen to the world, unlimited echo".

The fans also brought along gifts for Andy, although the gifts were not expensive but to Andy their thoughts is most important. As the press conference comes to a close, Andy and the companies' representatives opened a champagne together to wish the success of this album.

news from: Sina.com