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| Monday, August 28, 2006

Recently many artistes got photographed by paparazzi without their notice, this caused a huge reaction from showbiz thus a press conference was held today where more than 100 showbiz personals which includes Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Nat Chan, Sandra Ng, Simon Yam, Eason Chan, Rosamund Kwan, Daniel Wu, representatives from female groups and legislative committee were present at TVB TV City to attend this activity named "Privacy.Respect" to show their anger at Easy Finder for publishing photographs of Gillian Chung changing in a changing room during her concert in Malaysia.

At the press conference, artistes took turns to express their anger on paparazzi.

Andy expressed that being in showbiz for so many years, he had a love-hate-relationship with the media, he hope that the media will reflect on themselves in order to allow artiste to work at ease.

news from: Sina.com