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| Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Best of Andy Lau Music Party was held at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Jockey Club Auditorium last night. There was a short musical with Ivana Wong where she was his lover, due to Andy joining showbiz, their relationship had to go underground.

When asked if the story of the musical reflect his own story? Andy denied as he said that it's not a reflection of his own story but he feel that after entering showbiz, dating, wedding, having children become the concern of everybody, actually all these are not related to showbiz.

When asked if he has any underground relationship, Andy only expressed that when the time is mature, he will share with everyone. Thus, it indicate that he already have a lover, but it was not mature thus he would not disclose the relationship? Andy avoid this question.

When asked if he had tried to have a relationship secretly, he exclaimed that he had but it was when he was still studying as dating is not allowed in school. When asked if he have a relationship secretly after his studies, Andy expressed that he would not answer this question.

In addition, during the concert, a 8-year-old student was invited to write a calligraphy of "The Best Voice in Asia" for Andy which delights him. When he asked how old the student was, he was told that the student is only 8-year-old, he quipped that luckily the student is not 6-year-old, if not he would be alleged to be his son!

As Andy's birthday is approaching, he will be going for a 3 weeks holiday.

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