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| Wednesday, September 13, 2006

82-years-old Kwan Hoi San, nicknamed "Uncle Prawn" passed away yesterday morning. He was also called "Hong Kong's number one supporting actor" as he won the Best Supporting Actor award in 1992's Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in Lee Rock. The director of the movie Lawrence Lau and male lead Andy Lau expressed that Kwan is their senior and idol forever within their hearts.

Kwan had collaborated with many artistes and span across several generations, many of the popular actors had collaborated with him before as he grew up with them.

Andy could not forget how Kwan guided him during the shooting of Lee Rock, the movie was one of the classic among Andy's earlier movies as it narrates the life of Chinese inspector Lee Rock, Kwan was Andy's 'shifu' in the movie. The reporter managed to interview Andy through his management company, he expressed that he's very depressed that Kwan had passed away, he said: "Then I could not act too well, Kwan is my senior, he personally taught me many things. He's my 'shifu' during and after shooting, I won't forget his theories of 'know how to be a person before knowing how to act', 'hardwork earned 3 points' and many others."

Andy recalled that for the movie Lee Rock, only Kwan won an award as recognition, he says: "Then I was delighted for him, never expected that it would be also his last movie."

news from: Sina.com