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| Thursday, September 07, 2006

Andy Lau went to the Great Wall at Beijing yesterday as he was invited by 2008 Olympic Organizing Committee to be the China Paralympic Ambassador. He also performed at the 13th Paralympic mascot revealing ceremony at the Great Wall at night. When the revealed mascot is a cute ox, a delighted Andy burst into laughters.

He said: "Never expected that my Chinese zodiac is Ox too! Haha! Ox is a hardworking and kind animal, forever never has requirements and work quietly. This mascot is very meaningful, because these Paralympic athletes are really more hardworing than normal people in order to be successful."

Andy then went to the Olympic Organizing Committee building for a visit to show support to the crew members. Andy also meet up with the committee's executive vice-president Jiang Xiaoyu as he hope to use Andy's influence to cater more volunteers.

He presented an Olympic gold stamp badge to Andy, in return Andy gave the vice-president his latest Voice album.

Andy said that he actually sponsered the Hong Kong Paralympic athletes some 10 years ago, thus the committee invited him to be its ambassador which he agreed immediately. "When Paralympic is held in other countries, I can't support them, with the chance that it will be held in China this time round, when help is required, I will be there to support. In 2008, I will took time off to come to Beijing to support Homg Kong's athletes.

In addition, at the night's performance, Andy sang 'Jin Tian' (Today) for the athletes where the lyrics moved several athletes and audience, the loud applause was echoed from the Great Wall.

Other performers included Twins as Gillian Chung told Andy that whenever she went to perform, when need to change costume, she will be afraid.

Andy then asked them to go to the personal resting room prepared by the organised for him, he quipped: "They would be safe there, as there is no windows. The reporters would not be interested in me changing, thus will not come to take photographs."

news from: Ta Kung Po, SingPao, MingPao, Sina.com, SingTao News, Sun News