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| Wednesday, September 27, 2006

27 September is heavenly king Andy Lau's birthday, he posted a post titled "Many thanks to every friends that brought a smile to me in my life" on his personal forum, using it to thanks the greetings from fans, staffs and friends.

When he talked about the birthday party organised by his colleagues and fans, it excites him but only reveal a little: "I received a super huge present from my company's colleagues, I was laughing out loud when I got it.... I almost lost my breathe...." However, he still refuse to reveal what present he received.

In addition, Andy also does not forget to do charity as similar to previous years, he would donate all presents and red packets from his fans on his birthday party to Andy Lau Charity Fund as he share everyone's thoughts with those whom needed it.

Andy's birthday also attracted several artistes which includes Hacken Lee and his girlfriend Emily Lo Suk Yee, Jolin Tsai, Tanya Chua, F.I.R, a pregnant Anita Yuen and the crew of Crazy Stone to send in their wishes. A delighted Andy crack jokes of his close friend, he quipped: "I just completed my work, I've not taken my meal, I'm very hungry, when waiting for his arrival, we had ate up most of the food, Hacken had to eat the remaining carrot cake... luckily he still made it to eat my birthday cake."

Andy also sing praise of Twins, "They did very well when they cameo in my comical commercial, they can be cast in comedies! Hahaha!" Andy also thanked Jolin, Tanya, F.I.R, Anita and the whole crew of Crazy Stone for sending in their birthday greetings.

Andy also made his birthday wish which is full of smiles for everyday, he also wished that he would not suffered from aching of his head and back. After the party, Andy thanked every friends that had brought laughters in his life.

news from: yule.sohu.com