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| Monday, September 25, 2006

Andy Lau had a tasted of "3-times champion" as his song 'Guan Shi Yin' was the number one song for the hit charts of 3 different radio stations. An excited Andy said: "Hardly a chance when Mars is so close to Earth in 60,000 years, it appeared to have 2 moons in the sky, I thought I was dreaming!"

Andy quipped that he received a congratulation SMS from a good friend yesterday morning which he thought that it was a joke, he quipped: "The number 1 song for 3 different radio stations, this is so difficult for me, it's like Mars getting close to Earth in every 60,000 years, the sight of 2 moons in the sky is a rare sight!" Then he went to rectify the news with his record company, "They told me that I'm not dreaming, I'm delighted, to have a number one song in 3 radio stations happened some 5-6 years ago, the song is 'Tian Sheng Tian Yang'." One of the radio station is alleged to be not on good terms with Andy, but it also manage to top its hit chart, no wonder Andy is so excited.

His album, Voice is his first album that contains non love songs, he exclaimed that he feel pressurise initially, he says: "Non love songs is not an easy path, recently I received a letter from people suffering from depressive disorders, he told me that he's touched after hearing to 'Mo Fan Sheng' and 'Duo Chou Shan Gan' which was composed by Lin Xi as it wrote out the feelings of a depressive disorder patient. After reading the letter, I feel that for this attempt, I could help people by singing!"

In addition, with regards to reports in Mainland China that he would perform 'bian lian' (mask changing) during the Beijing Olympics Culture Festival, Andy denied the allegation through his manager, he said: "There's no invitation for the event, Andy had no intention to perform."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News