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| Sunday, December 03, 2006

Aaron Kwok managed to win the Best Actor award at the Golden Horse Film Festival for 2 years in a row, Andy Lau's invested Crazy Stone achieved great results in Mainland China, Jacky Cheung's Snow.Wolf.Lake Mandarin musical created greater respone than the Cantonese version 7 years ago, Leon Lai had ventured into directing.

Between 1986 and 1996, it's the golden generation of Hong Kong showbiz, then Aaron, Andy, Jacky and Leon were tagged as the Four Heavenly Kings due to their achievements in showbiz. At the end of 1999, Leon announced that he redraw from all music award ceremonies, followed by Jacky. The 4 heavenly kings went into their own targets and handed out different result slips.

On 4 April 2003, the 4 heavenly kings appeared on the stage at the Hong Kong Film Awards, standing in a line to sing 'Dang Nian Qing' to remember the late Leslie Chueng, the scene where 4 of them gathered together still made one remembers.

Currently, 3 years had passed, 4 of them were in their 40s, although many newcomers emerge from showbiz, but they were still active in showbiz, so what's the differences when they had aged?

Andy Lau: 45 years old, 26 years in showbiz

The evergreen idol and multi-talented role model

If you mentioned Andy when he first entered showbiz during the 90s, people still remember his handsome looks, with Running Out of Time he won the Best Actor award at 2000's Hong Kong Films Awards, he had successfully changed his image within these few years, his development in movies had transformed him to become a mature "wise man".

Self admitted with no gifted talents, he kept working hard these 20 years, when one spent 1 hour, he would spend 2 hours to complete a job, when people request for body double, he insisted on doing himself, therefore his hardworking had become a learning model in showbiz, a kind of spirit.

20 years had passed, he's still the evergreen mystery in showbiz. As an investor, he started Focus First Cuts with great results. Mainland China's Ning Hao's Crazy Stone gave Andy close to RMB$30000,000 box office miracle, this motivated him as he expressed that he would support new directors in his plans, the determination shown by a successful film investor. In the recent Pusan International Film Festivals, he was presented Best Film-maker in Asia to make Chinese proud.

Many years ago, Andy once revealed that he feel pressurise with the tag of 4 heavenly kings, this tag had passed as each go for their own developments.

In the future, Andy would continue his road of multiple element development in music and movies. Currently, he had decided to accept a lower asking fees to appear in Ning Hao's new movie Crazy Racing Car, whether the movie would continue to be a success is hard to say, but hardworking Andy will continue whatever happens.

news from: China Times