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| Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Battle of Wits opened at the cinema two days ago, it became the box office champion with its impressive box office collection in Hong Kong and Mainland China. It managed to collect more than HK$900,000 on its first day in Hong Kong, meanwhile it managed to collect $3.8 million in Mainland China to become the country's box office champion.

When comparing with the other three movies that opened at the cinema on the same day as A Battle of Wits, Ghost Train, Metrosexual and tenshi, A Battle of Wits was leading the pack. Other than good box office collection, it also won good reviews as the audience all sing praise of the impressive war battle scenes.

Currently, A Battle of Wits is screening in 47 screens, 168 showtimes, collected $900,000. To be able to collect $900,000 on a non-holiday period, male lead Andy Lau was delighted when told of the news, he said: "I hope A Battle of Wits could continue its success."

news from: MingPao