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| Thursday, November 23, 2006

Earlier when Andy Lau was attending the premiere of A Battle of Wits in Shanghai and he was given a "bear hug" by a male fan which gave Andy a scare. Unexpectedly, the unrepentant male fan still publish the photographs from that night on his personal blog!

He exclaimed that Andy is his idol for 20 years, his friends also addressed him as "Wah Zai", he added that his action was not a moment of madness, if he had the chance, he would like to do it again. In addition, he also revealed e-mail addresses and mobile numbers of artistes on his blog which are all fake when rectified by reporters. Some netizens commented that his action will scare away his idol and some admired that he's able to get close to Andy.

When told by the reporter, Andy appeared rather forgiving as he urge him to cool down, he says: "His action will disrupt orderly, the securities will be blamed, if he really support me, he can join Andy World Club! I've a huge fan club office for him to run around!"

news from: Sun News