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| Friday, October 17, 2008

The anticipated Beijing Olympic Games had successfully ended on 24 August, as people around the world slowly cooled down on the Olympic fever, there's another fever boiling up at the National Stadium a.k.a the Bird Nest. It's because many superstar are looking forward to become the first singer to stage a concert in the Bird Nest.

Earlier there was reports that Japan's X-Japan hope to be the first to perform in the Bird Nest, but the authorities would like a Chinese to be the first, among the favorites are Faye Wong, Jacky Cheung, Jay Chou, Andy Lau and others. Andy whom is popular in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan has become the top favorite, if he's willing, he will surely become the first to stage concert in the Bird Nest.

According to sources, Andy seems interested to become the first to stage a concert at the Bird Nest, not only for the name and status, it would also help in Mainland China developments. If the rent is going to be lowered, I believed there will not be much loss. If the concert is successfully held, Andy's name will 10 times known around the world, if he's willing collaborate, he will get to hold his concerts in Mainland China, he will earn even more. It seems that after performing in the Olympic Games closing ceremony, he has a high chance of becoming the first to perform in the Bird Nest.

news from: tom.com