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| Friday, October 10, 2008

After the end of the Beijing Olympic Games, the Bird Nest Stadium will be undergoing revamping works and several entertainment companies hoped to stage concert for their artistes at the stadium, but to become the first singer to stage a concert at the Bird Nest is not easy because of the 80,000 seating capacity, daily rental of $4500,000, in addition to securities fees, it will be expensive, even X JAPAN is not considering their budget as they had submitted their application to be the first artist to perform in the Bird Nest Stadium in May or June 2009.

On experienced concert organizer whom was interviewed said: "Actually I feel that this venue is unsuitable for concert, because of the high budget! If we include the rental fee, singer's fees and production fee, it would be very high, how we can earn? Even Madonna or Michael Jackson would be hard, unless the rental fee is reduced!" Staging a concert in the Bird Nest has many restrictions, like the venue too big, after the concert the audience would need to walk for 30 minutes before catching a bus, it's too troublesome, the securities would be expensive, but X JAPAN would like to give it a try.

According to inside news, Mainland China would like to have a Chinese concert to be the first concert in Bird Nest Stadium, Andy Lau and Jacky Cheung had been approached but they does not wish to stage their concert there. Jacky's manager express that his concert tour in Mainland China had ended in February this year, so not considering staging a concert in the Bird Nest in the next 2 years, thus rejected the Bird Nest offer.

news from: Apple Daily News