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| Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Two nights ago, Andy Lau Wonderful World Sydney Concert 2008 was held at Sydney Entertainment Centre. The Hong Kong superstar not only appeared as an astronaut, clown, saint, period costume and many other images to amaze the fans, he also perform magic on a beauty, there is even a sad love story musical, in it he also perform the "hang on wire" stunt made famous during the Beijing Olympic Games, together with special effects from the high technology huge screen, it brings a concert of international standard to the fans of Sydney.

Andy's concert is to celebrate Chinatown Cinema Corporation's 200th concerts, thus the huge atmosphere as all the latest technologies were used, which surprised everyone. He opened the concert dressed as an astronaut singing 'Zhong Guo Ren' when he appeared in the middle of the stage, it's like bringing everyone to the success of space walk of of the astronauts in Shenzhou VII spacecraft.

Then Andy becomes a man deeply in love as he had sexy dances with several beautiful female dancers, it made the audiences' heart pumped faster as they screamed out loud. There was also a period love story musical which won the most applause. Andy appeared on the stage among several pretty female dancers whom dressed as fairies, he sang love songs like 'Mu Di', 'Jue Dui Zai Hu Ni' and 'Gui Shu' as he share love and joy with the female lead, however good things does not last when thunders came, some demons came and capture Andy, tied him on ropes, a couple is separated. Battling against the demons, Andy was raised into the air by wires and being pushed back hardly against the back wall. Andy is "dead" in the relationship, however he sang 'Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian', a giant Goddess of Mercy appeared in the center of the stage, the couple reunited under the guidance of Goddess of Mercy, it pushes the musical to new heights.

The audience can easily feel Andy's "eagerness to get married" as in the past he would not talked about his love relationship, but he dared to make jokes with 6 female audiences sitting at the second level that he announced that he will be getting married, he then said that he brought his girlfriend here as he hope everyone would address her as "his wife".

Everyone thought that he's saying for real but his girlfriend did not appeared, however Andy didn't disappoint as he brought Andox and Blackie together with him. They duet and danced together to cause the audience to go crazy.

With the song 'Zhen Yong Yuan', Andy whom was standing in the center of the stage was raised on a platform. Then a pair of wings was screened on the giant screen which fit on his back. It's like Andy flying up to thanks everyone at the finale.

news from: Sing Tao News