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| Thursday, February 12, 2009

Andy Lau was interviewed by Sandra Ng in Commercial Radio's Wa! Wa! Wa! around midnight yesterday. When talked about the current "magician lecher" topic, Sandra quipped: "If Andy was to perform magic on me, I won't mind, I think there nobody would not love Andy." Sandra then revealed that when shooting the dancing scenes with Andy in Dance of a Dream made her sleepless.

When Andy whom seldom had any allegation was asked if he know how to copulate woman, an anxious Andy answer immediately: "Of course not, you think I'm a flirt? However, no actresses had thrown themselves on me." Andy also revealed that when shooting a dangerous horse riding scene in The Warlords, he says: "The horse was running very fast, thus I asked the crew member to hit the horse real hard with the whip, unexpectedly the horse just dash towards the mountain, if the horse bend its knees, it will be the end of shooting, thus I immediately jumped off the horse, director Peter Chan sing praise of my good skill."

news from: Apple Daily News, Appleactionews