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| Sunday, December 19, 2004

TVB8 Music Awards was held at TVB's Tseung Kwan O TVcity where awards mainly based for Mandarin songs, singers from Hong Kong and Taiwan attended are Andy Lau, Joey Yung, Gigi Leung, Hacken Lee, Nicholas Tse, Twins, Jolin Tasi, S.H.E, Zhang Shaohan and Luo Zhi Xiang.

This year can be considered as a fruitful year for Andy Lau as after being crowned Best Actor at the Golden Horse Films Awards earlier, at the TVB8 Music Awards held 2 nights ago, Andy sweep 6 awards and become the night's biggest winner as he win both the Most Popular Male Singer in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The 6 awards that Andy won includes, Golden Hit Song , Best Lyrics, Best MTV, World Audiences' Favourite Cantonese Song , Mainland China Most Popular Male Singer and Most Popular Male Singer. Andy exclaimed that he owns it to his concerts in Hong Kong and China, he says: "I'm surprised that 'Xin Fu Zhe Mo Yuan Nan Mo Tian' wins Best Lyrics as I wrote that song for the visually impaired childrens, in the space of 2-3 days!"

With regards to reports that he'll become the biggest winner for all the music award ceremonies, he quipped: "Don't sabotage me! This is what everyone feels! (Are you confidence of the remaining music awards ceremonies?) I think I did a wide area in music, but stronger in Cantonese songs, I hope other than the normal awards, I hope to win more awards related to lyrics." This year, Andy has 3 Mandarin and 2 Cantonese songs which he wrote the lyrics.

In the earlier Golden Horse Film Awards, the host, Janny Lin Chiling was attacked by the media when remove her outer clothes to give Andy a hug, in the award ceremony, host Ding Qi imitate Janny but she kept her clothes on, seeing the situation, Andy quipped: "Then I take off mine!", thus revealing his arms causing the audience to burst into laughters.

As S.H.E was arranged to sit in the first row where Andy was beside them, therefore they got to interact with him. Andy tells Selina: "Every time I wanted to ask you when I see you, how could you allow yourself to have double chin? But you're still very beautiful!" This comment makes Selina no knowing to smile or cry!

In addition, the box office collection of his movie, A World Without Thieves had exceeded HK$5000,000, Andy exclaimed that director Feng Xiaogang will telephone him every 2 days to tell him the good news, he quipped: "He had organised an ice-breaking ceremony press conference! (Any pressure on the box office takings?) Nope, but Feng has as he seldom direct such movies."

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