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| Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Metro Radio's music awards ceremony will be held on 25 December, a press conference was held yesterday to announce Andy Lau to be the Metro Radio music award's 6 years champion with a total of 29 awards won since it started in 1999. Andy also attended the press conference, when asked if he's confident to be the champion for the 7th year running, he exclaim that there would be chances of winning when one join award ceremonies, he's confident of winning the big award and quipped that he wanted to break through 30 awards.

Andy whom had been singing since 1986 but he yet won the golden song award despite winning numerous music awards, thus this year he would work on his target, if he failed to win the golden song award this year, he would work harder next year. He hope that the Cantonese version of his latest movie - All Bout Love theme song could win him the award.

There was reports that Andy Hui whom won the Outstanding Young Persons award express that since he moved into his apartment at Kadoorie, his career had been going smooth and won the award. Andy whom also stay in Kadoorie thinks that winning the Outstanding Young Persons award is not related to geomancy as most importantly is making the requirement of being a Outstanding Young Persons.

It was alleged that Andy's career had been going smoothly as he live at Kadoorie but Andy exclaim that he never look into geomancy but when he was still schooling at Wong Tai Sin, he always went jogging at Kadoorie and dreamt that he wanted to stay there. The he produce a movie with Charles Heung and happens that Charles had an apartment in Kadoorie where Andy made a request to exchange his HK$2000,000 fees for the apartment. When Andy moved in in 1987, the apartment is worth around HK$1900,000 - 2000,000, then Andy was still lived at Broadcast Drive but he was able to sell off the HK$520,000 apartment for HK$1200,000 before moving to Kadoorie, he had been staying there for 15 years. Andy feel that the place is very good and he had not intention of moving.

In addition, Andy whom always supported movies was interviewed by a Japanese magazine and he expressed that other than nurturing newcomers in Hong Kong, he hope to find suitable new directors from Korea and Japan to nurture them.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Sina.com, MingPao, Tungstar