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| Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Recently Hong Kong heavenly king Andy Lau was busy promoting his new movie, but he encounter someone creating a mess, the person responsible is none other than Anita Mui's elder brother whom suddenly appear at the press conference, carrying a loudspeaker and shouted out loud, resulting to Andy whom was on stage to feel a bit embarrasses.

Anita Mui's elder brother whom was wearing a yellow checked shirt, carrying a loudspeaker and shouted: "Andy Lau! Andy Lau!" A security guard next to him immediately stopped him as it didn't affect Andy's promotion activity.

Charlene Choi says: "We're alright." Andy quipped: "Your heart is beating fast." Andy then took out a stethoscope and attend to Charlene which the fans reacted with screams. It is because Andy was a doctor in the movie as he used the style of a musical to promote the movie with the 2 female leads, he also broughta gaint ring for both Charlene and Charlie Yeung.

Using all his efforts in the promotion, Andy is not worried that the movie do not do well in the box office. He says: "I've been in so many movies, some of my movies did well in box office and some did badly in the box office, I've tried both, as long as this movie don't disappoint the audience after they watched it will do."

Although Andy doesn't mind the box office takings, but by looking at the fans jam packed the venue, you could know the charisma of Andy is irresistible.

news from: TVBS E-News