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| Monday, October 17, 2005

Jade Solid Gold Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary which returned after 7 years absence was successfully held 2 nights ago at Tseung Kwan O TV City. The highlight of the whole night's performance were Andy Lau's smashing stone on chest, Andy and Alex Fong wore Scottish tartan skirts revealing their "undies" in the European gathering and Shawn Yue's female impersonation, the audience reacted well as it brought the programe to greater heights.

When Andy was told that he exposed part of his backside to the camera, his assistant asked him: "You should have forgotten that you're wearing skirt, why you did such movements?" Andy then quipped that he finally understand why female artistes wearing dress looked so careful when they were onstage, it's too tough. Luckily his prefect legs won him the best costume award.

In comparison, the female singers' performance were more lack of standard as Candy Lo peeped at small notes while singing and Twins sang as though they were were talking which Andy and Hacken to quipped at them: "This is also called singing, although I don't know much about music, but is this really singing?"

However, the white team still won the night's competition with 9,782 votes compared to red team's 8,515 votes, which left red team leader Hacken Lee and white team's leader Cheung Yu Ling surprised of the results. Hacken quipped that he would approached the help of Leon Lai, Aaron Kowk and Jacky Cheung for help next year!

Andy, Miu Kiu Wai, Tong Chan Yip and Felix Wong were to perform the smashing stone on chest for the finale performance. When 2 huge stones were placed on Andy's chest, his facial expression shows that he was struggling and Nat Chan quipped that Hacken should be the person to hit the stones so that he would lose a competitor for the year-end music awards ceremonies, Andy immediately asked for the performance to start or surely Hacken will lose a competitor.

Ronald Cheng was responsible for moving the huge stone as he hurt his fingers in the process as he jumps up in pain, finally Andy completed the performance.

Andy requested the same wushu shifu whom performed the same stunt 20 years ago to be responsible for hitting the stones. However, an accident happened as the shifu was unaware that the stones had already broken into 2, he took another hit and resulted Andy to be hit by the sledge hammer. Felix looked nervous on seeing what had happened, luckily Andy was unhurt.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Po, Sun News, Wei Wen Po, Liberty Times