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| Monday, October 17, 2005

Directed by Jacob Chang, Mo Zi War Strategy earlier was shooting a battle scene in Mongolia as 4 cameras were used and close to thousands of actors for the scene, among them were 700 professionally trained outfield soldiers, more than 400 crew members and tens of horses were used, these horses were specially imported from Hebei for shooting.

Jacob says: "We wrote the script for 5 years, before shooting such a huge scene, we had to have meeting with the 300 crew members for 5-6 times, I was so touched that the soldiers were really professional as they could gather and finished their meals within 30 minutes before getting back to their positions."

The movie will next moved to Beijing for shooting and a large scale press conference will be held this Thursday with Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing and Korean actor Ahn Sung-ki would be in attendance.

news from: Apple Daily News