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| Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Stephen Chow whom was earlier being invited to become the creative director for the Chinese version of Korean popular action Internet game - DEKARON, the computer was looking for a spokesman and Stephen was interested but being a spokesman of another Internet game (The Legend of Monkey King), instead he recommends Andy Lau whom was of the same calibre as himself thus the company contacted Andy's management company but unexpectedly Andy was already discussing with another large Internet game company from Mainland China and was considering to be their game's spokesman.

It was heard that the Mainland China company was very sincere in inviting Andy to become its spokesman and the conditions gave was also very attractive. With Andy currently discussing with the company, thus Andy should collaborate with them. In this way, although Stephen's "hero recommend hero" action would be impossible and may result them to become "enemies" instead.

With regards to this, reporter approached the chinese distributor of DEKARON for clarification on the matter, they confirmed that indeed they tried to invite Andy to become their spokesman but nothing had been confirmed, thus they could not revealed any details.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News