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| Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Today is Andy Lau's 44th birthday, several celebration activities took place at Beijing earlier. At Wait 'Til You're Older premiere in Beijing, Andy, Felix Wong, Karen Mok, Cherrie Ying and director Teddy Chan were present to meet the fans. Thousands of fans gathered to celebrate his birthday, the fans even brought a banner with the writings - Every Year is Best Actor, high box office collection, they also gave him a spit fire cake.

The fans reminded Andy that the cake will spit fire, Andy quipped that if he was not warned, he might have burnt his eye brow because he will always take a closer look at the cake. Other than the cake, fans also gave him flowers and other presents.

After the premiere, Andy and gang was interviewed by CTV as they brought along their childhood photographs. Andy pointed out that Felix is more handsome than him when he was young. When asked to remember their childhood, Andy exclaimed that he lived in a farm village before he was 6 years old and his wish is to become a farmer. He could not forget that her younger sister's eyes was injured by their neighbour when he was 4 years old and fight with the neighbour as he was so angry, he was later scolded by his parents but he never regretted revenge for his sister.

When the compere asked the artistes how old they think Andy is? Felix pointed out that Andy's mentality is like a 50 years-old but he is 20 years-old physically, whereas his outlook is like a teenager as he's always so energetic.

Karen pointed out that Andy is like a 11-years-old as he's never tired and mischievous, with he's recently crazy about magic and never expected that Andy quipped that he learnt magic to get close to Karen as her "other half" is a magic expert.

As Felix's birthday also falls in September and born in the same year, they cut the cake together and feed each other cake.

news from: MingPao, Ta Kung Pao, Apple Daily News