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| Monday, September 26, 2005

[Short Note: Hey, I'm back from KL. Back to reality, now at my workdesk, so tired but still have to work, also rushing of my assignment which is due tomorrow. When I've time, I'll share with you the "Andy" sightings in KL!!!]

Andy Lau, Felix Wong, Karen Mok and Cherrie Ying was in Beijing's Changpu He Garden for the promotion of Wait 'Til You're Older yesterday as it attracted many media to report, it was a historic venue as former leader of China which include Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zheming had watch Chinese Opera there before, thus Andy gave a thought and quipped: "It would be great to held the premiere here!"

When all the artistes appeared, they first performed magic and tricks to pass time, Andy won loud applause for his magic performance. When the press conference started, many bubbles were blew into the skies to create a magical effect as Andy shouted out loud to hope everyone's dreams come true.

As Andy's character is 10-80 years old in the movie, thus the compere asked Andy to picked a "boy Andy Lau" among the crowd. When Andy hugged the boy and asked him his name, the nervous boy pronounce his name wrongly as Chen Kaige, a shocked Andy then quipped: "If you're Chen Kaige, then I'm Zhang Yimou!" Andy exclaimed that he was not as handsome when he was a boy when compared to "little Andy Lau", he says: "Frankly speaking, I think I look like a village kid when I'm young, looked so nerdy, haha! I'm not as cute and handsome compared to the boy!"

When asked to comment on Feng Xiaogang's acting, Andy express: "No matter being a director or actor, Xiaogang is great, his acting is great, I can win the Best Actor award, whay can't him?" Andy joked that he seldom talk with Feng at the film set as Feng explained that he's afraid that the actors talked too much when he's the director thus he don't talk much when he become an actor himself.

As it was Andy's birthday tomorrow, the crew members prepared a birthday cake for him after his Changsha concert, he also received many presents from fans yesterday. Andy thanked them for their presents but he hope they would not waste money to buy present for him, he quipped: "Everybody should use the money to buy tickets to watch Wait 'Til you're Older, if this movie does well in the box office, it would be my greatest birthday present!"

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