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| Friday, September 23, 2005

The director of Wait 'Til You're Older, Chan Tak Sum and 2 male leads Andy Lau and Felix Wong attended the press conference in Shanghai yesterday. This is the first collaboration in 14 years of Andy and Felix since the days of the TVB 5 Tigers. Facing the media, they sing praise of each other as Felix claimed that Andy is his teacher.

Meanwhile director Chan expressed that facing the competition of The Myth and Everlasting Regret which will be screened in the cinema at the same time, he hope that all movie will do well in their box office collection.

The selling point of the movie is Andy's makeup and there was reports that Andy's skin was damage by the makeup and he bought an insurance worth HK$5 million. With regards to the report, Andy says: "I didn't bought that kind of insurance, I'm already so old, it doesn't matter."

With regards to acting the character of different age, Andy expressed that it was not a problem as the character's age gets older, he manage to act it with ease. Meanwhile he find it a bigger challenge to act when the character is younger, he says: "Nowadays children are mature, I do not know how to catch hold of their mentality. Thus I've to learn the movements from the child actors. The most important point is not to let the audience think that the young character's image is acted out by Andy, then it would considered as a failure."

Felix whom was Andy's father in the movie quipped: "I'm younger than Andy but yet I'm his father, that's strange. From the beginning, when Andy told me that I was going to become his father during our game of bowling, I thought he was joking, thus I agree without considering, never expected it came true. Anyway, it's okay, friendship is more important."

Andy and Felix was TVB's 5 Tigers but their last collaboration was in 1991, while Felix had not been in the movie industry for 10 years. Andy quipped: "One was busy with drama serials while the other was busy with movies, we seldom met." Collaborating with Andy again after 14 years, Felix feel that Andy had changed and address him as his teacher, he says: "In the past Andy is mischievious as he always play tricks on us at the film set. But after collaborating with him this time, I learnt a lot from him, thus I address him as teacher - Mr Lau. But if it comes to drama serial, he had to address me as teacher." Andy also remember the days of the 5 Tigers as he revealed that one of his birthday wish is to make a new movies with the 5 Tigers.

Wait 'Til You're Older is a movie that narrates family relationship, Andy expressed that it make him to have new knowledge of family but with regards to whether if he wanted to have children and experience being a father, he quipped: "How could I have children when I'm not married, I never thought of this question. This movie makes me think more on how to communicate for 2 person of different generation, I will consider this question properly before deciding if I wanted to have children."

When asked that the open ending of the movie, reporters asked if his character die in the movie, Andy says: "Different people will have different space to think about it, I'm not dead, the last scene where I sit on the tree with Karen Mok is very touching, it also brought out an important message of the movie."

With regards to the movie to be screened at the same time with Jackie Chan's The Myth, Andy says: "Of course it's pressurise facing The Myth as it's a Jackie Chan movie. But Wait 'Til You're Older is a movie worth watching as everybody think so after watching it." Meanwhile, director Chan hopes all movies do well in the box office as all are Chinese movies, when we worked together then we could compete with Hollywood.

news from: Sina.com, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News