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| Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Andy Lau whom was close to 45-years-old was awarded Honorary Fellow Member by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, during the presentation, all students presented cheered for him.

When the ceremony ended, his fans were already gathered outside the venue to send their congratulations and presents to Andy.

As Andy was currently shooting a new movie where his character is a 50-years-old father, thus he dye his hair grey. With his parents holidaying overseas, he could only postpone his awarding Honorary Fellow Member celebration to one month later.

Andy said: "Celebrate, I think I'll wait for my parent's return, I think it would be one month later, I think after the shooting of this movie is completed, I'll fix my hair back to black before I invite a bunch of friends to celebrate the occassion."

Meanwhile, Andy also attended the opening of TVB's 24 hours Cable Entertainment News Channel where he and Leon Lai representing the music industry, Jackie Chan and Eric Tsang representing the movie industry, Dodo Cheng and Lisa Wong reprsenting the TV industry in the light-up ceremony.

The artistes were asked to go on stage to promote themselves, of course it's a good news as it would be an additional station to fight to report on them. Andy says: "I think everyone should know, if you think that the source of the news is not accurate, please don't report it, take for example, if you get sources that Andy Lau is not handsome, that's not true, please do not report this news."

news from: TVBS E-News