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| Sunday, July 02, 2006

Andy Lau performed in Bravo China which was organised by CCTV, Hong Kong's TVB, Hong Kong's Wei Wen Po and solely supported by Sina. Both Andy and Jordan Chan hoped that this Bravo China would be held for the next coming years.

When interviewed by a soccer programme, both of them revealed that they have something to focus on past midnight on 1 and 2 July, that's the World Cup. Andy whom is a England fan whereas Jordan hope France could defeat Brazil like they did in 1998!

Reporter: "Currently it's the World Cup period, so are you (Andy) a soccer fan, do you watch soccer?"

Andy: "Of course I watch! I support 3 teams, one of them didn't made into the quarter-finals, that's Holland. I really like Holland, I do not know why that they miss out by a bit. The remaining are England and Brazil, comparing England and Brazil, of course Brazil are better."

Reporter: "If between England and Brazil, which team you prefer? Who to win the World Cup?"

Andy: "I hope that it would be England."

Reporter: "Is it because of David Beckham?"

Andy: "Haha, because I'm best of friend with Hacken Lee, he like England a lot, currently he's in Germany to watch the matches. I hope people around me to be happy, thus I hope England to win."

Reporter: "So Jordan, do you watch the World Cup?"

Jordan: "Of course, I love to watch soccer. Even the dish washer know that Brazil will win, but I hope France to win."

Reporter: "Me too."

Jordan: "Because I like Thierry Henry, he's great!"

Reporter: "But do you feel that he had under-performed in this World Cup..."

Jordan: "But if they could beat Brazil, France would not have much problem. I wish to see France defeat Brazil, I'll be delighted!!"

news from: Sina.com