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| Monday, July 03, 2006

In the current FIFA World Cup quarter-finals, England lost to Portugal, believed many English fans would be disappointed. Andy Lau whom also take note of soccer exclaimed that he hope England would win and made into the semi-finals. He urges all not to put the blame on the players as they had tried their best.

Recently, he had a new song titled 'Lei Duo Lei' (Tired vs. Tired) being distributed to the radio stations, he expressed that the song will be dedicated to disappointed soccer fans to vent their disappointment. The song will be included in Andy's latest album to be released next month.

The song's lyrics was written by Andy and it's rather special as it asked all not to scold Wayne Rooney as one could follow what's in the lyrics: "Putting all efforts everyday, and asked yourself if you let yourself down! After every foul, who said who's wrong, and being tagged as the sinner!" He knew that Hacken Lee is a English fan, he would be very sad, but he feel that Hacken should not be sad as in every one's heart, England is a good team.

Andy pointed out that 'Lei Duo Lei' has a meaning of "all for one", this is his recent experience. He find out that in this world, many people could not vent out their pressure, in every day's life, there will be encounters of 'Lei Duo Lei' people and matters, thus he wrote this song for everyone to release. He wanted to tell everyone that no matter how difficult the days are, please do not play the game of 'lei duo lei', without any benefits, you never know it will hurt you more.

The song is rather different from previous Andy's songs as it contain rock flavour. In his music video, the director asked him to dress up as a teacher before suddenly transform into a rock singer, this is to bring out being serious character will be locked down by all the pressure, the rocker character is to represent releasing oneself.

On the day of shooting, the temperature is 38 degrees celius, Andy need to wear sports wear to become an archer, as he learnt it before during previous shootings, with sweat flowing down his eyes, he took many shots before getting the arrow onto the bull eye.

The music video is shot in a school in Shenzhen, Andy exclaimed that for every day shooting, he feel that he's attending some charity walk, as the locals, students and children will run to observe his shooting and few hundreds will follow behind wherever he goes, it took the crew members several times to chase them away.

In addition, Andy's funded Focus First Cuts' Mainland China Ning Hao's Crazy Stone had won good reviews and the song is the movie's theme song which is already being aired in Mainland China's radio stations. Andy had already watched the movie during the Shanghai Film Festival as he also gave the movie a thumbs up!

news from: Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, SingPao