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| Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Andy Lau had always hoped France could win the World Cup as he admires France's Zinedine Zidane, however France lost and Zidane was red-carded, it's unpredictable but still Andy stand up for Zidane.

Andy left a message onliine, he said: "When the referee gave Zidane the red card, the replay show that Zidane did not head the ball but rather head-butting Marco Materazzi's chest, it's like a hammer to his heart as he felt depressed, he suddenly thought of a line of lyrics - if encountered problems, willing to dash and abadon the car, for human, no matter how painful the body is, it's unbearable. Mental pain could kill, we never knew what the Italian player said to him, it clearly show that he could not endure and choose to retaliate. The moment he head-butted, Zidane clearly know that he choose his own dignity and show off his own anger, thus leave his teammates, all French and whole world's French fans' hope."

Andy pointed out that watching a soccer match is like watching a live. "People would said that Zidane is stupid to lose a World Cup in a moment of madness, it's not worth it. I asked myself, if I were him, what would I do? Maybe I could take the same action as him. Haha! How much hurt can one endure can be considered as wide-hearted? How to consider one as a gentlemen? Human is human, Zidane is human thus he also has feelings, he also had a minimum level of endurance, 8 years ago I admire him, today I still admire him! I'll admire him forever!"

Andy also present the following lyrics to Zidane, himself and everybody: "Encounter changes could not be lost, think quietly and gave chase, when facing a cruel sentence, learn to listen to it ...when being tagged as an offence, hold on the tears." Andy think that: "We're not prefect, to be able to recognise by all... it's difficult! If I'm sure that I'm not in the wrong, self belief is enough, hope Zidane would not be sad!"

news from: Ta Kung Po