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| Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This is a true story regarding Andy Lau and a sick girl.

I'm a crew member from Beijing TV's Huan Qiu Yin Si and was tasked to report Andy's injury which he substain during the shooting of Battle of Wits, our column kept receiving letters from a mystery girl, 7-8 letters were sent each time, it came from a girl whom claimed that she's suffering from serious illness for 11 years named Xiao Xue. She said that she do not have the looks, friends nor money but illness. She's suffering from System Lupus Erythematosus which damaged her heart and brain thus resulting in loss of memory, sometimes she failed to recognise her mother. She managed to know about Andy from radio when she was discharge from hospital in 1995, all these years Andy had been her only idol and mental support. She got hold of news that Andy was injured through television and was worried thus she made use of Huan Qiu Yin Si to relate her regards and hope that she would received Andy's wishes on her birthday.

After reading the letter, I did not reply the girl but rather believed what she written and forwarded the letter to Huayi Brothers crew member to pass the girl's regards and wish to Andy. The girl never sent letter again, whether Andy had received her letter and get in touch with her, I'm not sure.

In June this year, I was tasked to report on the Bravo China concert and managed to meet Andy for a one-on-one interview. I suddenly remember the story and asked Andy about it, unexpectedly, he never tried hard to remember and replied immediately to me that he received the letter at the end of last year, he asked his company to get in contact with the girl. Looking at our camera, Andy told Xiao Xue: "I'm not sure if I can see you, I think it be soon that I can be at your side, there's me and the reporter here from Huan Qiu Yin Si to interview me, we're all concern about you, hope you can be strong and take good care of yourself."

We recorded that segment and sent it to Xiao Xue. Back in Beijing, we found Xiao Xue's email address and manage to pay a visit to her home.

Living in a single room flat, we can see that the whole house was fully pasted of Andy's posters, we also observe Xiao Xue's face is slightly bloated due to the injections. Surprisingly, there was an autograph Andy's photograph on the table with writings of "Xiao Xue, Happy Birthday, Andy Lau". In fact, Andy really received the letter from us and started contacting Xiao Xue in private using email to sent her 30 slides to encourage her, he also sent her birthday card during her birthday in April.

I show Xiao Xue the video of Andy that I recorded and she suffer fits while watching, she immediately search for her medicine while her parents informed us that's nothing to fear, maybe they're used to such situation.

After watching Andy's video, Xiao Xue started to cry, as she hold my hand, she called me sister, telling me that since she fall sick she does not have any friends, the only place she went is the hospital, everything seems like a dream as she never imagine that Andy would reply her letter and sent her birthday card, in addition speaking to her "in person" to encourage her. She kept crying and thank me, she told me that she will continue living for her parents, herself and Andy.

When asked what other wish she had, Xiao Xue said that she hope to become a member of Andy World Club but her parents were unable to come up with the $300 registration fee. It's hurting to hear such words, I knew there was another girl in Lanzhou wanted to meet Andy and her father even wanted to sell his kidney to raise fund for her. I promise Xiao Xue that if she manage to keep her health, there will be chances that I'll bring her to see Andy.

news from: Sina.com