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| Friday, July 14, 2006

1. Andy Lau, a heavenly king mega-star, dream lover of thousands of girls, started his career when he enrolled himself to TVB Artiste training classes in 1981, from a nobody to what he was today, he had become a recognised role model for hardworking, always an artiste with good review.

2. Looking back, are they the "5 Tigers" or the ever cutest sheep?

3. It's a normal sight to see the 4 heavenly kings performed together on-stage, it seems impossible nowadays.

4. In the 90s, Andy and then popular group, Grasshopper attended the Sun Project.

5. Armed with handsome looks some 10 years ago made Andy Lau and Tony Leung into superstars, the 5 Tigers are not called for nothing.

6. Beyond once mentioned that among the 4 heavenly kings, they admired Andy only as they have less understanding with the other three.

7. Standing between Chow Yun Fat and Alan Tam, Andy appeared uneasy.

8. Both Andy and Sing Fui On were both recommended by Chow Yun Fat.

9. The 2 heavenly kings become friends and their relationship become closer in recent years after their collaboration in Jiang Hu.

10. This photograph is taken during their collaboration in Kung Fu vs. Acrobatic.

11 . In all major award presentation ceremonies, Andy Lau and Tony Leung can be considered as gatting equal results.

12 . Appearing in best friend Eric Tseng's prankster show, Andy tried his best to perform.

13 . There are two 'wah zai' in Hong Kong's showbiz as they were great partners in sports.

14. Andy Lau and Anita Mui had been supporting each other for many years.

15. Collaborate with Carina Lau for the first time in 1986's Yang Warriors.

16. I think hardly anyone had saw such picture in swimming trunk!

17. Andy and Chiu Nga Chi collaborate for the first time in Devil Peach Garden.

18. Andy never had any allegation with Joey Wong, maybe she only had Chyi Chin in her heart.

19. Looking at the four of them, it seems that Kenny Bee is the one that's pay more attention to the camera.

20. Sitting by the side of Cherie Chung, they don't looked like a couple but rather like siblings.

21. Yang Guo of 1983 Return of the Condor Heroes which leave a deep impression in every one's heart.

22. Although being touted as the classic couple on the silver screen, however in real life, they're not attracted to each other at all.

23. Anita Mui whom was having cervical cancer claimed that she's confident of defeating cancer as Andy gave her a hug as morale support.

news from: http://yule.sohu.com/