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| Thursday, June 29, 2006

Being the producer of the movie Crazy Stone, Andy Lau attended the promotional activity of the movie in Shanghai. Actually he's also one of the founder for Focus First Cuts, when interviewed, the reporter asked him how he become a producer and Andy has something to share with us.

Being in the movie industry for more than 10 years, the production of a movie should be at the fingertips of Andy, just like a director abd producer, Andy would be able to take up the posts. However, when asked why he choose to be a producer instead, Andy express that he's too soft-hearted, thus he does not want to be a director which will hurt people's feelings.

Andy says: "I feel that (being a director) will hurt many people's feelings, I scold the person (till he cries). I find that many directors are not really good temper, they'll vent their temper, only the one paying won't as I need to tell what I want and requested, then I can leave, they can see the whole creation, I need not fight with them."

Reporter asked: "You want returns when you invest, so what's your standard when you invest?"

Andy: "Then, I'll tell them (directors) that what I wanted is some commercialise and I don't care of the rest, I just mention about commercialise."

It seems that after some consideration on whether the audience will like the movie before investing. Before Crazy Stone is screened, it had already won good reviews from the audiences, Andy didn't made a wrong choice.

Andy: "I only watch the movie today, I feel that other than the commercialise that I've requested, there's still an additional element. I'm very satisfied, very satisfied, I've nothing more to say."

Andy will continue to invest in the rest of the film projects of Focus First Cuts, although the money invested is not much, but Andy express that small budget doesn't produce bad movies, he himself was in small budget movies until he reach this stage.

Andy says: "I've many movies to my name, basically from 1990 to 2000, no people invest a lot of money on me, I was in some small budget movies, many new directors work with me, in Hong Kong, I was in the first movie of Jacob Chang and Wong Kar Wai, many new directors all look for me, I really hope these new directors will become a big directors, then in future they'll remember me, I'm just the investor."

news from: cctv.com