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| Monday, August 14, 2006

Andy Lau was at apm yesterday for apm 1st anniversary party abd Andy Lau's Party of voice activity which attracted thousands of people as his fans jam-packed the whole shopping mall, they screamed out loud when Andy appeared, the sound is deafening. Andy wrote 'Chang Man' (Always Full) in calligraphy to congratulate the mall's 1st anniversary.

Andy's latest Cantonese album Voice which was released recently was well received as he played games of themes related to the album with the fans. In the album, there is a Lin Xi composed song 'Guan Shi Yin' which has 600 words, it was used to play a marathon game with the fans, the superb fans managed to remember most of the lyrics. When asked if he remembered the lyrics himself, Andy expressed that he will with music as many fans whom met him would ask him to read the lyrics once as he had a mini-concert in September where he will sing the song live.

Another game was to ask the fans to imitate his expressions of his photographs in the album's sleeve, which is a comical sight.

Other than the permiere of his music videos, he also sang 4 songs. When Andy was singing, the atmosphere was great as if it's a mini-concert.

There was a 20 - 30 inches tall birthday cake, in order to get close to the fans at the second storey, he walked up the cake until almost two storey high when he suddenly pat his chest and said: "So scary, it's indeed very high!"

When asked if he's really scared and he exclaimed that he never expected that it would be so high, in addition to his phobia of height, but on seeing the support of the fans thus he took the risk, actually the surface was rather slippery and without any handler so he immediately used his hands to balance himself for safety reasons, lucky no accidents happened.

The Hong Kong government had announced that they will increase their financial support of movie production fees to 25% from October in order to help the movie industry's developments, Andy exclaimed: "With this indication of the government, the movie industry will thanks them, however we first need to know better of the application procedures."

He expressed that big directors like John Woo and Johnnie To would not worried about no investors, but some second rated film companies would need to apply for financial support but due to it being complicated, they dropped the idea, Andy hope that the government could simplfied the procedures.

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po