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| Monday, August 14, 2006

The 11th Golden Bauhinia Awards was held successfully last night with Simon Yam becoming the Golden Bauhinia Awards' Best Actor again with The Election and Zhou Xun winning the Best Actress with Perhaps Love. The biggest winner of the night is Perhaps Love with a total of 7 awards won.

Andy Lau whom was nominated for the Best Actor award with Wait 'Til You're Older and hot favorite only won the online voting's Most Popular Actor award.

When he was told at the backstage area that Simon had won the Best Actor award, he applause for him and said: "I will send my congratulations to him, I've lost to him last year, luckily there is a Most Popular Actor award to make up. He said that he loved to attend the presentation ceremony with me as the fans would be shouting 'Wah Zai', which he thought they're calling him."

In addition, when Andy and Lam Ka-tung was presenting the Best Creative Movie award, they specially "switch channel" to speak Mandarin, when Ka-tung asked him what's creativity, Andy said: "Because this TV station (ATV) is not convenience, but I think speaking in Cantonese is more creative." In the end, Andy said loudly: "I'm not afraid, ATV does not have live telecast! Please appulase to show some encouragment! I'll apologise to the other station later!"

Indeed, that sentence was censored when the ceremony is broadcasted by ATV. Then he mis-read the Golden Bauhinia Awards as Hong Kong Film Awards.

After the presentation, Andy explains: "I spoke Cantonese in previous years to create some atmosphere! (You read out Hong Kong Films Awards also?) I can't said about that, I'm over excited for Golden Bauhinia Awards."

When asked about he won by a huge margin in internet voting, he said: "I'm delighted, but Wait 'Til you're Older lost the Best Script award is a pity, losing out on 2 nominations, hope have chances with 3 nominations!"

news from: SingPao, MingPao, Wei Wen Po, Sina.com