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| Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Golden Harvest and DaChina set up Golden Harvest cinemas in Shenzhen and Golden Harvest C.E.O Raymond Chow Man Wai and his daughter attended the contract signing ceremony in Shenzhen.

As Golden Harvest focus on cinemas but when asked if it would do more movie production, he said: "A good movie require a good cinema to screen it, currently there are several new generation producers producing good movies, take Andy Lau's Focus: First Cuts is successful. I respected Andy, being an actor, he's willing to fork out the money to nurture new directors and actors, the spirit of gaining from movies contributing to movies is worth commenting! We also thought of doing something like Focus: First Cuts before, but we had no time, now that Andy had did it, we'll support them. Their small budget movie can also be screened, we're giving enough screening days for Hong Kong and Chinese movies."

When asked if Andy has the potential to become a movie magnate and become the successor to him, Raymond quipped: "I don't have the popularity that he has, he won't be happy upon hearing this." From the praises of Andy from Raymond, it seem that he had tipped Andy to be an important person in the movie industry.

news from: Wei Wen Po