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| Thursday, September 28, 2006

It was Andy Lau's 45th birthday yesterday as his company's colleague gave him a surprise party two nights ago and Andy collected a present which made him laughed non-stop. The special guests were Hacken Lee and Emily Lo Suk Yee, Twins, Lam Jan Lamb , Lin Xi and Anita Yuen had pre-recorded birthday wishes videos in advance. Andy would be sharing his birthday moments with fans on his website.

Two nights ago, Andy was called upon to return to the company for a meeting by his company's CEO, he forecast some surprise from his colleagues, indeed his driver drove him to his fan club office and it was laughters all night. The present given by his colleagues will be kept secret, if not they will faced the "death penalty".

He had 2 birthday cakes and made 2 wishes which were full of laughters everyday and not to be suffering from headaches and back aches.

He mentioned in his website that he had step into his 16425 days of his life in his 45th birthday, calculating how many days he had left? If he is to be alive till 80 years old, there would be a total of 29200 days, he had reached half of it, minus off time for work and sleeping, he had not much days left. If he would not request himself to be happy, it would be silly.

news from: Ming Pao, Sun News