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| Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Directed by Peter Chan, collaboration of Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro, the press conference of The Blood Brothers was held at Park Plaza Beijing yesterday which attracted hundreds of reporters from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwn to report on the matter. However only the three male leads attended but no sight of the female lead, does the alleged confirmed Zhang Ziyi whom the 3 male leads refused to collaborate with is true?

Peter denied the allegation, he pointed out that he was still searching for the beauty that would revolves between the 3 male leads, he stressed that they had never asked who the female lead would be, thus how could they voice their objection? Peter said: "Better don't believe the allegations in Internet, it was saying Shu Qi followed by Zhou Xun. Actually the female lead is the cause of the brotherhood breakdown, she's too important! We've chosen one actress, but she had yet signed the contract with some minor details to be agreed. The 3 male leads never said anything about the selection of the female lead."

The movie with a budget of US$40 million invested by Media Asia and China Film Group had been shooting for 3 days in Beijing. Peter exclaimed that after he watched John Woo's A Better Tomorrow 20 years ago, he always wanted to shoot a brotherhood theme movie, Blood Brothers is one of the 4 mystery case during the Ching dynasty, it will be based during the chaotic war times, talking about the heroes and brotherhood relationship of sworn brothers, the elder brother had ideas on the second brother's wife and killed him while the third brother revenge the second brother.

Peter said: "I'm not doing a re-make but rather create a new movie, it will stress its importance on humanity, brotherhood love and full of anti-war message. Jet, Andy and Kaneshiro would be on their own with their own specialty, although just 3 days of shooting, everyone is excited as in the coming 4 months, everyone would be excited and happy during shooting."

Kaneshiro then exclaimed: "Shooting for 4 months? Why I was told to shoot for 2 months?"

A delighted Andy who attended the press conference with a skin head image made many expressions, occasionally remove his hat to touch his head, he exclaimed that he was lucky that he got to collaborate with Chang Che in Shanghai 13, he was also delighted to collaborate with Peter finally, he said: "I wanted to collaborate with Peter for a long time, he's good at artistic movies, with this action movie, surely it would be very challenging." He added that he would be shooting for 3 months. Jet then quipped: "Then, I'm the worst as I heard that I need to shoot for 4 months."

Andy expressed that he had been shooting fighting scenes for the past three days, he think that Peter had forgotten that he knew how to act. When talked about his character die shortly in the original movie, Andy exclaimed that Peter had made changes to the story thus he would require to shoot for 3 months.

Jet was delighted to collaborate with Andy as he always feel that Andy is great as he could have more than 100 films to his name, in addition to singing and other commitments, his life path equals to a normal person going through 2 or 3 times, thus he would like to see how great Andy is.

news from: MingPao, Sun News, udn news, SingTao News, Ta Kung Po