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| Monday, December 04, 2006

For the shooting of The Blood Brothers, Andy Lau could not come to Taiwan to promote A Battle of Wits. Andy whom wanted to shave his head for A Battle of Wits but was stopped by director Jacob Chang but he got his wish for The Blood Brothers, however due to the cold temperature in Beijing, Andy had a runny nose after shaving his head.

The re-make of The Blood Brothers would be directed by newly crowned Golden Horse Film Awards Best Director Peter Chan, the cast also includes Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro, thus attracting media attraction from Asia. Andy whom already started work will be putting up photographs of shaving his head onto his awc618.com Andy's diary, he wrote there: "The shooting had started for 2 days, currently I could maintain my skin head, in another 2-3 weeks, I would need to shave my head completely."

Being a hair stylist previously almost shake his head himself, however when his hair got lesser and he feel the coldness as the wind blew, he's almost shivering. He said: "I'm a hair stylist, Felix Wong's short hair was also cut by me!"

Location shooting will be carried out at the remote areas of Beijing, the temperature had already dropped to minus 5 or 6 degrees, other than his hands and legs "frozen", Andy also has to faced with the attacks of sandstorm, but he could only use his "superman spirit" to act well in the movie. Andy expressed: "There would be occasionally huge wind, most of the people will be covered with mud, with me suffering from runny nose, it was so freezing that my hands and legs are swollen and painful." Luckily Andy had prepared thermal clothes, he added: "Before setting off, many fans gave me thermal clothes, hats and food, their kind thoughts had warmed me."

Andy also remind fans from Beijing not to visit him at the location shooting site as due to the weather is too cold and dangerous, it would worries him. He said: "Many thanks to the fans concern, but I want to scold them, Beijing fans came to the hotel that I'm staying, when I started work, they followed my car to the location shooting site and visit me, I would not care about them, the car ride is long and far, if any accident happens, I'm also at a lost. Better go to work or lesson as usual, don't waste time to look for me! The site is not opened to public! Know that?"

news from: udn news, SingTao News, MingPao, SingTao News