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| Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The movie Zhao Zilong which was currently being prepared by director Daniel Lee is suffering from allegation that Andy Lau had resigned from the movie.

It was heard that the funding and approval from Mainland China ran into trouble thus the first day of shooting was delayed many times which forced Andy whom had a tight schedule unable to wait for the movie thus he would resign from the movie. Since the allegation came out, Daniel was at a lost as he tries to push forward the shooting date in hope that Andy would change his mind.

When contacted, Daniel appeared nervous as he expressed: "I'm currently preparing to start shooting on 1 April, everything is going smoothly, all these are allegations. Up to this stage, I can only answer you this much." When reporters tried to contact Andy, his representatives replied that they would not said anything on this matter, and asked the reporters to clarify the matter with the movie company.

In addition, there was news that Andy will be holding his solo concerts at Chengdo in the middle of October, the production fees will be as high as RMB$4000,000, whereas his entourage accomodation and travelling will be more than RMB$200,000. According to Sichuan performing company person-in-charge, Andy's concert in Chongqing was a success 2 years ago which profit the company. With Andy's high popularity, the organiser had high confidence.

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News