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| Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Departed which was adapted from Hong Kong's Infernal Affairs allow director Martin Scorsese to win his first Best Director and Best Film awards in this year's Oscars. Meanwhile, the four creators of Infernal Affairs: director Andrew Lau, director and scriptwriter Alan Mak, scriptwriter Felix Chong and male lead Andy Lau expressed their happiness and congratulations.

Director Andrew Lau expressed: "Many thanks to Martin Scorsese as he thanked us on stage, because this is very honored, this movie won a few awards in the Oscars, the film deserved it, although The Departed is not well received in Hong Kong but it's doing very well overseas, actually we've to learn many things from Hollywood movies, my next movie will start shooting in July or August, preparation works will start in America during March, then I'll meet up Martin for meal and celebrate the win."

Andrew's old partner - Infernal Affair's co-director and scriptwriter Alan Mak expressed: "I'm delighted and honored, this is a perfect story, from 2002 till now, it finally have a perfect full-stop and ending, when I heard that this movie is nominated, I hope that Martin will win the award, I did so little but still bring such a good effect on my idol, I'm delighted."

Felix Chong said: "Of course I'm happy, after watching The Departed, actually they change several parts of the story to enlarge the creativity space, the characters developments is colourful, they deserve to win the award."

Being the representative of the cast, Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor Andy Lau said: "The Departed won so many awards, I'm proud of the film-makers of Hong Kong movie industry, we have reached the Hollywood standard, we should carry on to work harder. Many thanks to Martin Scorsese whom know how to admire Hong Kong movies and adapt it to allow it to shine even more, congratulation."

news from: yule.sohu.com, sina.com