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| Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Among artistes, Andy Lau is always being considered as a workaholic as during the Chinese New Year, he still appeared in Shanghai wearing a winter clothing for location shooting for Peter Chan's Ci Ma in Mainland China. On the third day of Chinese New Year, hardworking heavenly king started work in China as he location shooting in Hengdian and Shanghai, some fans even send him off at the airport with presents and red packets which delights Andy.

To rush the shooting for Ci Ma, Peter Chan and his shooting crew members carried on working throughout the Chinese New Year holidays, it's quite tough. Other than the shooting crew members, the 2 male leads didn't get to rest too as Andy whom return to his home in Hong Kong for reunion dinner on the first day of Chinese New Year, he set off for Shanghai on the second day of Chinese New Year. From Shanghai, he set off to the shooting venue in Hengdian, he also need to travel around between Shanghai and Hengdian to complete the shooting. Andy's fans are indeed die hard fans as they also didn't rest during the Chinese New Year holidays as close to 30 fans waited for Andy for the whole day at Pudong airport as they wished to send their presents and new year greetings to their idol.

Around 5:00pm, Andy's flight touched down at the airport. Andy's assistant was send out to check on the situation and didn't see any media reporters, then Andy whom was wearing a snow hat and winter clothings walked out of the custom and get close contact with his fans. Andy is very familiar with these fans whom had followed him around for many years, when he saw the presents, a delighted Andy does not know what to say as he collect the presents and recognise the outlook of the fans as if he wanted to remember the smiling faces of the fans into his memory. Within 5 minutes, Andy's hand was full of red packets, in addition to tibits and flowers were also being stuffed to him, Andy had no choice but to ask his assistant to help him with the presents. Andy also love good luck in the Chinese New Year as fans also didn't forget as Andy collect all the red packets but he won't be using the money in the red packets as the red packets collected every year would be donated to his charity fund for charity purposes, when fans gave him red packets, he would not reject them. In addition, to prevent fans from waiting overnight for him, he specially leave message on his website asking his fans not to wait or meet him at his hotel nor the shooting venue, he's also worried of the safety of the fans.

Andy whom collected so many presents didn't forget to prepare red packets which are all in his luggage. He revealed in his official website that he estimated to give out more than 1000 red packets, "There are around 500 crew members!" Andy would not be suffering from any heartaches for giving out so many red packets as he thinks that giving away red packets is a delightful procedure., he says: "It's fortunate to be able to give red packets." Andy quipped that the most important reason is that he's not married.

news from: Sina.com